OpenStreetMap - Israel


What is Openstreetmap? is founded in 2004, as an international project with the aim of a free world map to create. We collect global data on roads, railways, rivers, forests, houses and much more.

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How can I use the data?

OpenStreetMap itself offers the collected data in either raw form or in the form of precalculated map images. For certain programs and devices, there are also special downloads.

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How can I contribute?

There are many different ways to help OpenStreetMap, from the sending of a error on the map, on the completion of existing data to the copying of new buildings from aerial images and the detection of roads and points of interest with the GPS device.


Where is the map?

… here!

Where is the Hiking map?

… here!

Community / Discussion Board

The Openstreetmap community in Israel is mainly communicating throught the Openstreetmap discussion board.

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